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Harley Street Registrars Limited was formed in 1988 and has since grown to provide company secretarial services to a significant number of corporate clients. These clients range from small single member companies to plc's and to owners who own dozens of companies.

We form new companies for our clients direct with Companies House and during each company's life cycle can change appointments and share structures, file dormant accounts and prepare dividend documentation, amongst other activities.

We also provide an outsource service where we take responsibility for this statutory filing and the company registers. This in turn allows the participating service provider to free up their internal resources, reduce exposure in this fast changing environment and create a new, value added revenue stream through a joint venture agreement.

This oursource service is tailored for groups of companies and service providers with more than 100 companies and can also include an audit, book-keeping, payroll and tax services.

Please see our contact details for further information.